What Is The Greatest Fear Or Worry For Millennial Dads

 Jose Lee  February 25, 2018

My Speculation About Dads Was Wrong

Quite recently, I conducted a poll on Facebook asking millennial dads what is their greatest fear or worry.

I was speculating the response to be “No knowledge to handle a newborn” but it turned out that I was wrong. On the contrary,  it was “work and family balance“.

This is the image of my poll results.

Aside from this poll, I have also posed the same question to a friend and his response was ” Worry about my free time and future schedule“. I probed further by asking any concerns over his baby expenses and knowledge. His replies were “money will get tighter but i think we can cope” and “baby wise, i guess the skills will come after weeks“.

The Mindsets Of Millennial Dads

Putting both the poll results and my friend’s feedback together changed my view.

Money is no longer viewed as a top priority for millennial dads even though it is still important to make our ends meet. Dads take on a more active role in parenting now compared to our fathers’ generation.

That is the reason why work-family balance becomes a top priority for most millennial dads.

Time Management For Work-Family Balance

Good time management is the framework to work-family balance.

The number of tasks that require our attention is ever increasing despite the limited amount of time we have each day. We cannot change the fact that time is something beyond our control.

How we spend our time is within our control. There are two ways to have better time management for millennial dads based on my knowledge. One is to have higher productivity or doing things that we cared most (Prioritise).

I would recommend prioritising tasks over higher productivity.  The latter could lead to burnout in long run.

Daddy Time System

I have come up with a prioritise model called the Daddy Time System.

The system consists of three types of day: Work, Buffer and Family. Work Day is where you will spend 80% of your time focusing in your best interest. This could be getting things done that are of high priority.

Buffer day is where you prepare and plan for work day or family day. Learning a new language or attending a seminar falls on this day. Family day is where no work-related activity of any kind.

How It Works For Me

I have scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be my Work Days. This includes working on my own projects even after I have reached home.

Thursday will be my Buffer Day. I will spend my time learning a new skill or networking with people. Then comes Family Days which are Friday and Saturday.

I loved most by spending my time with my daughter and wife. Sunday will be back to my Buffer day planning tasks for the Work days in the following week.


The goal is to have more family days and less work days or buffer days.

We need to change the way we spend our time by learning to work more effectively on work days. It will be hard at the start but things will get much easier with discipline and patience.

Your wife and family members play an important factor in your work-family balance.

New dads so be sure to communicate well and have an agreeable plan with your wife.

Ok, that's all for today!

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