My 4 Months Old Daughter Rejects Bottle Feed

 Jose Lee  January 22, 2018

2 Weeks Of Bottle Feed Rejection

Bottle Feed Rejection

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It was a tough phase for us to get her back on bottle feed.

My wife will be returning back to work in 2 weeks time. We decided to slowly transit our baby back to bottle feed since she has been direct latching for the past one month.

Now that my baby started to have better vision, recognise and smell, she knew that

Milk Bottle ≠ Mummy


The moment I have bottles in her sight, she would start to make discomfort sounds and use her small hands to cover her mouth. Despite having the grandma to give it a try, my baby still does not compromise.

The worst is she will go on milk strike up to half a day or cry at the top of her voice for hours. We gave in at the end and continued trying for the next few days.

Experiments On Bottle Feed Rejection

We bought bottles that resembles breast but it didn’t work.

Be it cup feeding, syringe injection, forced feeding still failed. To the extend that my wife leave the house in baby presence to trick her.

Men tend to be logical beings so I started thinking that it is not about the milk bottles. It could be the psychology barrier. My baby might think that there is no milk coming out from the bottles hence she rejects them strongly.

The Tough Phase Is Over

I tried dripping a few drops of milk on her lips. This is to let her be aware of the milk coming out from the bottle. Once she starts tasting the milk, I quickly seize opportunity to insert the teat into her mouth.

It works for a moment. At least we had progress after 2 weeks of effort. Now my baby no longer rejects bottle as what she used to be.

Between Breast and Bottle Feed

Since I have experience over both feeds.

Each has its own pros and cons. I have tabulated a table on that based on my experience.

 Breast FeedBottle Feed
(Formula Milk)
Necessities for outdoor - Nursing cover
- Baby carrier
- Formula powder
- Milk bottles
- Water
Nursing location - Nursing room
- Anywhere
(use of baby carrier)
Consumables- Breast pump set
- Health supplements
- Formula powder
- Milk bottles
MaintenanceBreast massage- Milk bottles
(washing, sterilising and replacing)
(From my experience)
(From my experience)
- Mummy is returning to work
Reject bottle fed No issue
Daddy lovesHas all the time to himselfAssist to bottle feed baby

All babies are different so they will also react differently. There is no one method fits all. It all matters which methods suits you the most.

Ok, that's all for today!

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