6 Things That Most Kiasu Parents Do For Their Children

 Jose Lee  January 22, 2018


Kiasu Parents


Kiasu is a hokkien word to describe someone afraid of losing out.

A classic example of Kiasu-ism?

Take a look at how Singaporeans chope the tables in hawker centre.  {A tissue packet}.

#1 Baby Accessories, Toys and Clothes

Thanks to the wide selection of baby products, parents find it hard to resist the temptation of buying as every product looks cute and handy.

Draft out a buying list to help you with the things you will need.

#2 Infant Care Enrolment

Infant care centre is popular among working parents.

Due to the increasing demand, parents have to wait for available vacancy before they can enrol their newborn. It maybe advisable to plan ahead if one decide to go for infant care.

Alternatively, grandparents can be a blessing when they step in and lend parents a helping hand.

#3 Health Insurance

Visiting a paediatrician can be costly whenever your newborn gets sick. Some parents may purchase health insurance for their little ones to cover the hefty bills in the long run.

#4 Enrichment Class

No one knows for sure if enrichment class going to make your newborn smarter. There is no harm trying if your financial situation allows.

For parents that are tight on budget, I can say that these enrichment classes are not cheap and will definitely add up your financial burden.

#5 Primary One Registration

A big event that most parents will try their best to register their children in the top primary schools.

Branding is so important that some parents even moved house to the nearest neighbourhood of the primary school.

#6 University Tuition Fees

Parents placed heavy emphasis on paper qualification.

It has then become an obligation for parents to pay off their children university tuition fees. If this is what you are planning for, you might want to start investing early in an education fund.

Fear of Kiasu Parents

You have heard stories of parent spending X amount of money on  their children. I can tell you that these stories portrayed the truth about parents in Singapore.

They acted in fear that their children are unable to keep up with the pace of education. Nothing is more important than securing the future of their children even it means additional financial burden.

There is no right or wrong by being kiasu because every parent wants the best for their children.

Ok, that's all for today!

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