Cost To Expect When Having A Baby In Singapore

 Jose Lee  February 25, 2018

Cost of having a baby in Singapore is a popular topic for newly married couples.

Cost of Having a Baby

Most Couples Follow This Standard Route

Mr and Miss Right enter the workforce and start saving money for their marriage. After spending a few years working, couple decides to apply for a new flat before tying the knot.

This works out to be a 10% down payment for the HDB flat. A simple wedding may easily cost over $25000. These major commitments will potentially wipe out a few years worth of savings.

Route Does Not End Here

We have not touch on the next life-changing event that is having a baby. I will be using my own expenses for your reference but it might be different for each couple.

Now let’s breakdown the cost of having a baby in Singapore.

Prenatal Checkups

My wife was referred as a private patient in KK Women’s and Children’s hospital. She had a total of 18 prenatal checkups with an interval of 2 weeks. Each checkup charges $150 which excludes medication.

Cost for my prenatal checkups: $2500

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Newborn Checklist

There is a list of items every parent wants to buy before the baby is born. I was blessed with my nephew’s used cot and stroller which were still in good condition. The cost was significantly reduced since I was able to save on these big-ticket items.

Cost for my baby checklist: $2400

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Delivery Bill

Here comes the main component of cost. My wife went through normal delivery and stayed in Class A1 (single-bedded) ward. The amount adds up to $4830 ($2550 payable by medisave). There is also a nursery charge of $1000 ($900 payable by medisave) for my baby but this information is not found on KKH website.

Cost for my delivery: $2447 (Cash) + $3450 (Medisave)

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Baby Shower

Most new parents would definitely not miss out on this part for their little ones. I fortunate enough to secure a function room at my relative’s executive condo. This brings down the cost of my venue to $30 compared to a few hundred dollars. In this way, I could spend more money on decorations and food for my guests.

Cost for my baby shower: $1400.

Miscellaneous Items

Some miscellaneous items are good to have that make our lives easier. My wife and I thought that confinement tingkat would be the next best option without a confinement nanny. She had a postnatal massage, not just about getting back in shape but also helps to reinstate the uterus to its original state.

Cost for my miscellaneous items: $2000

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Total Cost Incurred

Cash : $2500 (prenatal checkups) + $2400 (newborn checklist) + $2447 (delivery bill) + $1400 (baby shower) + $2000 (miscellaneous items) = $10,747

Medisave: $2550 (normal delivery) + $900 (hospital nursery) = $3450

Final Thoughts

At the first glance, cost of having a baby may seem daunting for most dads-to-be but I can assure you that it’s affordable. Our government has helped new parents to defray the upfront cost of having a baby. $8000 cash will be paid in 5 instalments over 18 months. As a result, I will be only paying $2747 cash based on my total spending of $10,747. It is not that bad after all.

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