Common Structure of Family Career

 Jose Lee  February 25, 2018

Work-Life Balance Structure

Balance between work and home is the most challenging task for most dads. We are demanded for more productivity at the workplace and more attention back at home. One of the most important decisions we can make to achieve this balance is how we structure our families. Based on my research, the structure of family career is divided into two categories and we shall explore them in details below.

Traditional Sole Income

The structure of living on a single paycheck is commonly adopted by our older generations. It worked with husband being the sole breadwinner and wife taking on the role of care-giver for the children. The upside is that children are taken care by a parent at home as opposed to being sent to child-care centre or put in the hands of relative. On the downsides, husband will be in intense financial pressure, less likely to change employment, missing out on family time. The wife is overwhelmed while raising children and losing touch with the society.


It is the dads’ job to support the family financially and wives’ job to take care of the children traditionally. Time has changed with women getting themselves educated and striving for equality. It is necessary for the the family structure to keep up with the constant changes of the world. The modern structure known as “dual-earner” which both parents will share the financial burden and parenting. This benefits the husband to switch career or start a business. The major challenge for this structure is more opportunities to disagree over what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Which structure is better?

There is no absolute answer to which family structure is better. It greatly depends on which of them works for you better in the long run. My own family runs on the “dual-earner” structure which my wife and I have agreed upon. It allows us to advance each of our careers thus improving the family financial status. Most importantly is to keep ourselves out of postpartum depression and anxiety as never know how well we manage our mental states.


The main objective is to find a balance between work and home. I encourage all parents to take action and start planning today.


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