Newborn Baby Care for First-Time Dads

 Jose Lee  February 25, 2018

Newborn and First-Time Dad

It has been a challenging 2 weeks for me. I survived without the help of a nanny to take care of my newborn girl. Since my wife has to concentrate on resting after delivery, my mother-in-law has her own daily household chores therefore I am responsible for taking care of my baby.

Time just files when it comes to taking care of a newborn baby. Based my personal experience and I could honestly said that the “ME time” I have is few hours per day which includes meals, shower and nap.

♥ indicates the level of complexity for each task below

Newborn Formula Milk Feeding 

I started off feeding 20 ml of formula milk with a small cup to my baby girl, and it surprisingly takes up to a hour. The rationale of this is that to top up the breast feed as mother’s milk supply has not established yet for the first few days.  Cup feeding takes practice and patience because the baby does not know how to drink from cup.

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Burping ♥♥

I feel that it is necessary to burp my baby girl after every bottle feed.  Babies inevitably swallow some air when drinking from a bottle and the air bubble get stuck in their stomach. This caused them to feel uncomfortable which they will start squirming and crying.

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This is a must for most babies as it is common for them to get startled in their sleep.  They loved to be wrapped around like a cocoon and the tendency of them get startled is lesser. It feels like they are still in their mothers’ womb which gives them a sense of security. Trust me on this and I will guarantee you have a more peaceful night’s sleep.

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Bathing ♥♥

This is no easy task for first-time dad. My baby girl hated having bath and screamed all the time. The trick is to ensure that water is lukewarm and once she enjoys soaking in it, I could bathe her without fuss.

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Diaper Changing 

This is no stranger to you and me. I learnt mine the hard way when my baby girl’s poo leaked from her diaper and stained on my clothes. You could imagine the mess I got myself in. Consequently, I will find the right diaper size and it is properly secured for her to prevent the incident from ever happening again.

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Soothing ♥♥♥

It is an art of guessing the baby cues. It took me 2 weeks to identify some of my baby girl cues which comes in the form of hunger, tired and cuddle. You have to identify your baby cues and respond to it.

Play Video: 2 Hours Super Relaxing Baby Music

Final Thoughts

I did not regret not having a nanny despite the little “ME time” I was having. These 2 weeks of  taking care of my baby girl makes a lasting memory and is one of the best thing ever happen to me. One of the best role in life would be a father and I think all daddy will agree with me.

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